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Dual Mode Learning for Entrepreneurship & Jobs Creation.

Premier Business Incubation for the Unserved and Underserved.

Programmes for Unemployed Youth and Graduates.

A One Stop Shop Value Added Service Provider to the Unserved and Underserved.

Support Program for Access to Continuing Education (SPACE)

Dual-Mode Learning approach provides flexible opportunities to Unemployed Graduates and Youth to qualify as Professionals in different key areas, in association with Center for Management Development (CMD), City and Guilds of London.

Micro Small and Medium Enterprise Development (MESMED)

The Micro , Small and Medium Enterprise Development is poised to attracting young school leavers and unemployed graduates into MSME's especially, the Agricultural Business value chain, through the NBTE accredited programmes,

University/Tertiary Education Preparation Programme (UNIPREP)

Dual-mode delivery approach through the Skills Clinic Tele-Education center, transmitted through the OHUB TOOL KIT to the subscribers.

Entrepreneurship Scale up Programmes. (ESP)

Vocational skills entrepreneurship capacity development targeting small business owners in partnership with ASVAN (Association of Skilled Vocational Artisans of Nigeria) and Advisory business with stunted growth for scale-up.

The Digital Skills Clinic Project Scope and WorkPlan. 

1. Programme for Unemployed youth/Graduates

  1. 2. Programme for Corp Members.

3. Programme For Professionals (Continuing Profession Development)


4. Digital Literacy with Competitive Certifications Entrepreneurship (Business Development Support)


5. Management Capacity Development Programme with centre for Management Development CMD

The Digital Skills Clinic Project Infrastructure.

Enhancing the competitiveness of Youth, Women and Girl-Child to opportunities of empowerment through entrepreneurship capacity development; thereby creating wealth, jobs opportunities and sustainable MSME’s Eco-System Complex for underserved and unserved communities in Nigeria. We Leverage on a concerted alliance network for a Dual-Mode demand driven entrepreneurship development poised to mainstreaming subscribers in to the National Skills Qualification Framework (NSQF).

Official Partners:

We work with world-class partners to expand the impact of our program.

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